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     Orval Etter, 1915-2013     

Willamette Week on anti-fascists

Critique of Noam Chomsky on the Israel Lobby

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Why Wikipedia is so inaccurate about Pacifica Forum

Orval Etter, 7/30/1915 - 3/21/2013 (04/14/13...) by Pacifica Forum
The founder of the Pacifica Forum has passed away. This is Orval Etter's obituary in the Eugene Register-Guard: Orval Etter, age 97, formerly of Eugene, passed away on March 21, 2013, in Portland, of...

BLOG (05/19/16) by Joebruno!forum/replies-to-stormfront

#Menanism (03/17/16) by trumpforpresident


#TRUMPED (03/17/16) by trumpforpresident

Trump for president

Reactions to stories about Muslim grooming gangs in England (09/17/14...) by Jay Knott
On August 26, 2014, professor Alexis Jay released a report into the grooming of hundreds of girls as young as eleven by gangs of men in the English town of Rotherham. The men's names were over 90% Muslim. It has subsequently...

My new blog (09/16/14) by Jay Knott

murder laws violate US Constitution's equal protection cause (07/24/14) by marcthegreatgaintkiller
Prisoners convicted of attempt murder, murder or manslaughter can appeal their convictions dueto Rochin v Califonia 342 US 165 (1952) unless the state and federal governments either give a pardonor take legal action against the...

At the risk of repeating myself... (01/21/14...) by Jay Knott
Again, more idiotic "anti-racism" in football: Atzmon sums...

Which is racist? (01/18/14...) by Jay Knott
The first of the images is from a campaign in Minnesota in 2012 to make white people aware that they are unaware of racism because they are white. The second is a Christmas card produced by the British white nationalist party,...

Abortions of girls in ethnic communities in Britain (01/15/14...) by Jay Knott
When I was at college, the womens' group had a slogan "free abortion on demand". This has never been achieved, but if it were implemented, one consequence would be less girls. Among immigrants from the Indian sub-continent, there...

Yes, the West is Comparatively Racism-Free (01/12/14...) by Jay Knott
I wrote ii. This is my reply - Dissident Voice wouldn't publish it because they say my thesis is 'weak'. I'm grateful for Kim's response, as it forces me to clarify my My answer is, that the racist...

"Free speech has its limits" (01/12/14) by Jay Knott

Coming up - a conference on white privilege in Wisconsin (01/09/14) by Jay Knott
They are having a section on "Power, Oppression, and Privilege in Sports". I wonder if this will include a review of the Duke Lacrosse case: Until Proven Innocent - Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the...

Is hate crime a much bigger problem than it seems? (12/17/13) by Jay Knott

An article about radicals opposing CIA domestic activity and the CIA trying to restrain the Lobby (12/15/13) by Jay Knott
"The Middle East in the 1950s offered surprising opportunities for such men. Kim was, for instance, the motive force behind the 1951 founding of the American Friends of the Middle East. Seemingly a private outfit dedicated to...

Leviathan 2.0 - a review of Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of our Nature (01/20/12...) by Jay Knott
'The civilizing mission' US troops in Afghanistan Why violence has declined Following his masterpieces of popular science 'The Language Instinct' and 'The Blank Slate', Steven Pinker has come out with a more...

Toulouse - don't read too much into it by Jay Knott:  One useful message I got from this book by Steven Pinker is not to read too much into one or two unpleasant events. His examples are world war I and world war II. I'm not sure they are very good examples of random events which...

Two PDFs from a recent book disagreeing with Pinker by Jay Knott:  Pinker s List: Exaggerating Prehistoric War Mortality and The Prehistory of War and Peace in Europe and the Near East by Brian...

Irish university suspends Catholic group for 'homophobia' (12/06/13) by Jay Knott
Ireland used to be a museum of the pre-Darwinian world. It banned divorce, abortion, and anything invented since 1800. Now it's beginning to make up for its errors, it's in danger of going too far the other way. Galway University...

Woman beaten unconscious on London bus - media avoid mentioning suspects' ethnicity (12/03/13) by Jay Knott

The Iran deal - a victory for Israel (11/24/13) by Jay Knott
Israel is playing a clever game. By pretending to be upset about the deal between the USA and its allies and the Iranian government, it makes it look like it lost. But look at the details - it represents a setback for Iran's...

Goliath, a book by Max Blumenthal (11/17/13...) by Jay Knott

My review on Dissident Voice, a response by one of the site's editors, and below, my response to DV, which they wouldn't publish on the grounds that "The thesis is considered weak." You decide:

How anti-racist p.c. leftism helps Zionists, in a nutshell (11/12/13) by Jay Knott
"The charge of anti-Semitism is the most deadly charge one can imagine in the contemporary world and it is very true that advocates for Israel have often made this accusation against critics of Israel no matter how well-founded...

A controversial analysis of the Stephen Lawrence case (11/10/13...) by Jay Knott
Stephen Lawrence was a black London teenager. He was murdered in 1993 by a gang of white criminals, shouting racial insults. It took twenty years for the legal system to convict his murderers. The law's delay led to the ...

A violent incident in the UK is recorded as 'racist' if the victim believes that's what it is by Jay Knott:  "Humberside police said later the incident had been logged as a racist attack because the victim perceived it to be." This particular case may well...

Liberals who think they are Darwinists (11/09/13...) by Jay Knott
You sometimes see a bumper sticker with a picture of a fish with legs. It's a clever take-off of a Christian sticker which has a fish with the word 'Jesus' - a fish is a symbol for Jesus. The idea is, we evolved from fish. But how...

'Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers': Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations, 1948

"The Pacifica Forum's central purpose is to provide information and perspective on the issues of war and peace, militarism and pacifism, violence and non-violence. It seeks not to persuade, but to inform and clarify, so that people can reach sound, informed conclusions on their own. The Pacifica Forum resists efforts to silence this endeavor." - The Pacifica Forum's original statement of purpose

Following a meeting at the University of Oregon, addressed by the governor of the state, where the Pacifica Forum's first amendment rights were opposed by government officials, the University set new criteria for Forum meetings. They now have to be sponsored by a University department, and agreed to by a vote of the professors in that department. Given the craven pc attitudes of most academics, this is virtually equivalent to denying freedom of speech.

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