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Cabal criticizes Pacifica Forum

  by Dawn Coslow

The recent attempt to link the Pacifica Forum to a spate of hate crimes in Eugene is another example of the unsavory tactics used by a small cabal of self-proclaimed community leaders who lobby to stigmatize our political discussion group because we speak candidly about (drum roll, please) - Israel and Zionist crime.

This is not our sole focus, but it is what stirred concern in the Jewish community, first in 2003 with the forum's showing of two documentaries on Palestine. In 2006 came the proclamation that an Anti-Hate Task Force had formed to alert the public to (alleged) anti-Semitism, in its backyard (Register-Guard, Oct. 11, 2006). The task force's rationale was an eight-lecture series spanning that year (we meet weekly).

It is noteworthy that most of the 28 coretask force members did not hear this series, nor had they attended a single Pacifica Forum. Yet in the first two months of its anti-Pacifica blitz, these folks said we were liars, anti-Semitic, twisted, bigots, ignorant, dangerous, frightening - not only for Jews. They injected misinformation into local papers, over the airwaves, and in numerous panel discussions - while dialogue with us was out of the question.

What they did not tell the public is the truth. The same small cabal has incited all anti-Pacifica activity since 2003. Their slime trail is well documented.

Orval Etter (Register-Guard, Dec. 6, 2006) said that Pacifica would perhaps invite some anti-Zionist speakers to counter their campaign.

We've finally done that.

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