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     Orval Etter, 1915-2013     

Willamette Week on anti-fascists

Critique of Noam Chomsky on the Israel Lobby

Resources for Palestine

Why Wikipedia is so inaccurate about Pacifica Forum

British men arrested for thought crimes (02/09/09...) by Jay Knott
Israel's coat of arms April 2010 - the 'racism' charges are dropped... - the latest on the Scotsmen who are charged...

America's tame left weakens opposition to Israeli apartheid (01/25/09...) by Jay Knott
Since the Hannukah massacre began, there has been an outpouring of sympathy and support for the Palestinians around the world. Western Europe has been far ahead of the USA. There have been huge protests in Paris every weekend....

Anti-Fascism or Anti-Zionism? (01/23/09...) by Jay Knott
This picture shows anarchists at a protest in Britain against the Gaza attack with an anti-fascism banner The purpose of this article is to argue that anti-fascism is incompatible with effective opposition to Zionism, which I...

Report from Gaza (01/16/09...) by Jay Knott

It's Official - Tail Wags Dog (01/15/09...) by Jay Knott

My article on David Irving, banned from Indymedia (12/06/08...) by Jay Knott
This article was posted on Portland Indymedia, the usual place for articles about Eugene, a nearby city: should be censored from Indymedia because it might offend...

Left anti-semitism and ultra-left purism (11/25/08...) by Jay Knott
A letter to Communicating Vessels Portland USA 19 November 2008 Dear Communicating Vessels, I read with interest the article Are We All Hamas and Hezbollah? - A Critical Look at the Left's Flirtation with Islamic Fund...

Why the Pacifica Forum? (03/14/10...) by Jay Knott
I thought '3rd Position' was a page in the Kama Sutra til I discovered Pacifica Forum... It began in 2008 when I saw an ad for a meeting addressed by David Irving, the controversial historian, in the online edition of The...