Why the Wikipedia page about Pacifica Forum is so inaccurate

Eugene X, February 20th, 2010

The Wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacifica_forum was begun in May 2009 by an editor with the login 'Stonemason89'. I started contributing corrections, but eventually was banned on 3rd January 2010. I appealed the ban. After much discussion, I agreed to follow all the rules, but I am still banned indefinitely as of 20th February.

Stonemason89 did exactly what he or she accuses me of - namely repasting one's own version of the page over someone else's - but Stonemason89 got away with it. He or she didn't even keep my correction of the name of the President of the University of Oregon, just wrote all over my careful corrections. I refused to accept the Zionist term 'Holocaust Denier' for people who merely underestimate the widely-accepted figure.

The most ironic thing is they claim I am banned for 'edit-warring'. It takes two to 'edit-war'. But the other edit-warrior has not been banned. This shows that their purported reasons for banning me are lies. The real reasons are political - they want to give the impression that a free-speech group is a 'white nationalist hate group'.

"You're not going to get very far attempting to whitewash Holocaust deniers, so you may as well give up on that completely. (Read the archives at Talk:Holocaust denial and you'll see this is a long-settled policy on Wikipedia.)"

I still don't think it's a conspiracy, but I think Wikipedia entries are easily hijacked by dishonest people.

UPDATE: October 14 2010 - originally, there was a link here to a video about Zionists being trained to edit Wikipedia, but in retrospect, that's beside the point. The fact that our most important opponents are Jewish supremacists isn't the main issue with Wikipedia.

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