Statement by regular attendees at Pacifica Forum

On the night of January 31 2010, a swastika was painted inside the Lesbian Gay Trangendered etc. building at the University of Oregon

'They think they were targeted because, as Esparza says, they have been "very vocal opponents to the Pacifica Forum"' - (Eugene Weekly Blog - photos by AIPAC activist Deborah Bloom)

This is what the people who regularly attend Pacifica Forum meetings have to say about the incident:

    "We regard the weekend incident at the LGBTQA office as despicable and hereby go on record as completely opposed to that and all other such acts of vandalism."

The incident has to be seen in context...

Allegations Against Pacifica Forum

The campaign to oust Pacifica Forum from the University of Oregon suffered a setback when the Student Union Senate voted down a resolution to ask the Forum to leave campus. The campaign is now trying other means. Any means necessary, as they say...

The internet and other media are swarming with allegations against 'members' of the Forum, regular attendees, or people who may have been to a Forum meeting.

Some of them are as vague as saying the Forum makes people 'feel less safe'... This can obviously be dismissed out of hand - the Forum regulars could just as easily say its critics make THEM feel less safe, with some justification.

At the other extreme, here are selection of recent allegations against the Forum by student activists at the "Hate Speech vs: Free Speech" panel discussion, Tuesday, January 26:

  • 'Pacifica threatens death to Jews'
  • 'directly linked to rapes and murders'
  • 'bigotry and hatred directed against African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims...'
  • 'advocate violence and target individuals for harassment'

A couple who regularly go to Pacifica Forum meetings decided to attend the meeting in the EMU building on Tuesday, January 26, where members of the Anti-Hate Task Force were to 'educate' students on their analysis of Pacifica Forum. They were a little early, and peered through the windows of the Craft center, which happens to be opposite the Women's Center, at the artwork inside. Two young women walked up to them, and one of them said "we've seen you at Pacifica Forum", and told them not to look in the windows. The couple belongs to a generation when young people showed respect for their elders and so said, "so you would have me put on witch hat with a bold letter 'A' for anti-view? Not knowing me or what I stand for? If history repeats itself, your paranoid action is a good example".

The girls then reported that they had been "harassed by Forum members on campus" and this soon became 'harrassed by white supremacists who attend Forum meetings'. The couple are not white supremacists. One of them has been seen holding a sign saying 'Free Gaza', which, for some, is the mark of Cain.

Obviously, if anyone had good reason to claim any Pacifica Forum attendee was linked to violent crimes, they would go to the police. But, at the time of writing, they haven't. Or if they have, the police have not taken them seriously enough to act. Perhaps they're all white supremacists too.

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