This is Jimmy Marr's response to Billy Rojas. The two were scheduled for a debate on the symbolism of the swastika on January 15, 2010. However, Billy's attempt to placate the protestors by denouncing his fellow speaker led to Jimmy's departure.

   Jimmy Marr's Response

Martin Luther King Day, January 18, 2010


It's very nice of you to show so much respect for me, Billy.

But you've already printed and announced at a public meeting that I am a member of a neo-Nazi organization. That is patently false, and I have no idea why you proclaimed it, or why, without first learning about my interpretation of the Swastika, you announced to my prospective audience that my views on the Swastika are "diametrically opposed" to yours.

My assumption is that you were disparaging me in order to garner sympathy from a very hostile crowd who was making it nearly impossible for you to speak even as you kissed their asses. I have no use for ass-kissers, and I don't enjoy sitting beside them as if they are my equals. How much courage did it take for you to stand in front of a bunch of media-crazed, foot-stomping, kids and declare me to be a card-carrying Nazi while you, yourself are an outspoken anti-Nazi and the self-appointed defender of free speech and Pacifica Forum?

And then you later printed in your self-eulogizing newsletter that I interrupted you with an "unintelligible rant". I can hardly wait to see the video footage of my "rant".

In the entire time I sat at the speaker's table waiting for you to begin our debate, you made no mention of the Symbolism of the Swastika, which was ostensibly the subject to which you challenged me. Instead, you used your speaking time to align yourself with the position of the protesters and depict me as the proper target for their animosity. Yet even your grovelling appeasements were rendered inaudible at times. And when I rose silently from my chair to leave your side, the crowd went completely berserk at my very presence. There was never going to be any possibility for me to articulate a cogent position on the symbolism of the Swastika in that room, that afternoon.

It would very likely have been impossible for me to speak under the best of circumstances, but by changing the subject to my alleged membership in a neo-Nazi organization, you buried any chance I might have had of addressing the issue to which you had challenged me, which was simply a ruse for you to gain access to the audiences I generated by having the guts to present truly controversial material.

It will now only be a matter of time until you and Valdas can drone through enough insipid presentations to work yourself back to an audience of six weary souls.

I don't think you are going to need my help to do that, so by all means, continue stating my opinions for me on whatever subjects you like. Whenever the Tolerantarians scream out for a hater, a Nazi, a knife carrying rapist, anti-Semite extraordinaire, please feel free to use my name. And don't forget that I am also a Muslim, and therefore a terrorist. You should be able to get some mileage out of that one.

But I don't recommend that you spend any time making it known that I am also a confirmed Zen Buddhist, or refer anyone to my 2004 essay on the solution to Chang Sha's 100ft Pole Koan, which explains how I learned to pass the Gateless Barrier, by relinquishing my identity and becoming whatever circumstances demand:


You're very welcome, Billy - - jmmj

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