An article about radicals opposing CIA domestic activity and the CIA trying to restrain the Lobby by Jay Knott (12/15/13)       ⇌ (Israel and the US)       

"The Middle East in the 1950s offered surprising opportunities for such men. Kim was, for instance, the motive force behind the 1951 founding of the American Friends of the Middle East. Seemingly a private outfit dedicated to citizen diplomacy, it was actually a CIA front that sought to weaken support for the Jewish state in the U.S. You read that right: The CIA created an early counterbalance to the pro-Israel lobby, promoting an anti-Zionist reading of the region until 1967, when the radical magazine Ramparts exposed agency funding to domestic organizations."

Maybe left-wing opposition to the CIA's illegal activity inside the USA helped undermine its attempts to hold back the Jewish Lobby, which tried to make US politicians put Israel's interests before the USA's.

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