War on Iran has already begun by Jay Knott (12/09/11)       ⇌ (War crimes)       


Act before it threatens all of us

(The graph is from Counterpunch, showing how economic warfare is making the Iranian currency worthless)

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I didn't speak too soon (03/03/12) by Jay Knott: On 19 Jan, I wrote 'maybe I spoke too soon' re. America following Israel into war with Iran. But I didn't - Obama has just made it clear to the Israelis that the US will attack Iran if it starts to acheive nuclear parity. The...

Iran seeks 'weapons of mass destruction' - where have we heard that before? (02/18/12) by Jay Knott:


Maybe I spoke too soon (01/19/12) by Jay Knott:

Rumors in the media suggest that the US government has told the Israelis to back off a little

Israel claims US electoral system is holding back Obama from attacking Iran (01/15/12) by Jay Knott:

If only it were true!

Israel calls for tougher US sanctions on Iran - Financial Times

'Counterpunch' article on how war with Iran has already begun (01/14/12) by Jay Knott:


An article about the NDAA and Obama suspending the constitution (01/03/12) by Jay Knott: This is a big step for the Guardian, the queen of the liberal media. It published an article by an American libertarian describing how Obama has suspended civil rights, allowing the military to kidnap and kill anyone in the...

Obama suspends constitution - US citizens can be held indefinitely without trial (12/15/11) by Jay Knott: "Barack Obama has abandoned a commitment to veto a new security law that allows the military to indefinitely detain without trial American terrorism suspects arrested on US soil". Notice the way his supporters say he has...

Iran refuses to hand back captured US drone (12/11/11) by Jay Knott: How unreasonable of the mad mullahs! No wonder they are becoming internationally isolated. If an unmanned military spy plane lands in your territory, surely courtesy dictates you promptly return it to its rightful owner....