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I didn't speak too soon by Jay Knott (03/03/12)       ⇌ (War crimes)       

On 19 Jan, I wrote 'maybe I spoke too soon' re. America following Israel into war with Iran. But I didn't - Obama has just made it clear to the Israelis that the US will attack Iran if it starts to acheive nuclear parity. The disagreement is about when is the optimal time to attack.

America's threat to Iran is entirely subordinate to Zionist interests. True, the USA is angry with the Islamic revolution for overthrowing the Shah in 1979 and taking Americans hostage. True, Iranians tend to fiercely criticize the USA for overthrowing their elected leader in 1953. But none of this comes anywhere near a casus belli. A rational approach to Iranian nukes would be the same as the one president Clinton adopted toward Pakistan's nukes - he tried to dissuade them, but they said "well India's got 'em", and he accepted it. A rational approach to the Israel/Iran conflict would be roughly the same - try to persuade Iran not to pursue nuclear weapons, but if it happened, accept that they are a result of Israel's posession of same. But the US government is unable to pursue that rational approach, to the chagrin of growing numbers of its citizens, particularly those in the bêtes noires of the left, the intelligence services.

As for "Iran has lots of oil", that argument for why the USA wants war is too moronic to dignify with a response.


"Israel Delivers Ultimatum" - to the president of the world's only superpower. One couldn't ask for a clearer illustration of the way the world works.

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