Woman with young child spends Christmas in prison in Britain because of her opinions by Jay Knott (12/07/11)       ⇌ (Police)       

Well, not just because of her opinions, but because she shouted them out in an offensive way on a train. So why defend her? Because her racist outburst was not a violent threat. A woman with a baby is not about to assault anyone. Any reasonable person on the train would have been offended, and told her to shut up. No reasonable person would have felt that their safety or freedom was threatened at all. So 'a racially aggravated public order offense' means putting someone in jail for their opinions. Just as much as when it happens in China. Freedom of speech doesn't just mean freedom to say reasonable things like 'the Chinese government sucks', it means freedom to say things like... well, like the things this woman said on the train...


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Another correction (01/08/12) by Jay Knott: The media say that the judge sent her to jail 'for her own good' because she had received death threats. Do they normally jail the victims of death threats? Don't they usually have cops keep watch on the victim at

Correction (01/04/12) by Jay Knott:

They let her out before Christmas. Still, the fact that she did any prison time at all means they don't have freedom in Britain.

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