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Muslim victims of political correctness by Jay Knott (01/10/12)       ⇌ (Police)       

If this story is accurate, what these Muslim men wrote about gays is abhorrent. But saying that Islam prescribes death for homosexuality is an opinion - it may even be true. Given that Britain has religious freedom, how can it be a crime?


Here is a clash between religious tolerance and sexual liberalism, in which the latter has all the cards. I have no sympathy for any religion, and every sympathy for sexual liberation. But in a free country, you can't jail people for expressing opinions. I think Catholics who tell their children that some of their friends will go to hell (actual example) is cruelty to children. But I can't, shouldn't, and don't want to, stop them from teaching their kids the crap they believe. It's the same with Muslims. Isn't it?

Here's another article, from six years ago:


In this case, it's gays and lesbians dissing Muslim extremists.

"Basically we're saying Islam is homophobic". Like I said above, that's an opinion, and it might be true.

At least the gays didn't face jail for expressing their views.


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