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Another victim of political correctness by Jay Knott (12/10/11)       ⇌ (Police)       

Rutgers student Tyler Clementi committed sucide after his roommate, Dharun Ravi, secretly filmed him in an encounter with another man. If the encounter had been heterosexual, Ravi would not have been charged *. His behavior would have been treated as crass student humor, and he would have been disciplined by the university, but not by the state of New Jersey.

As it is, he was thrown to the wolves. He is being charged with 'bias intimidation' which carries up to ten years in prison. This is a clear case of special rights for gays. Political correctness is not a joke if it can ruin someone's life for stupid, but non-violent, behavior. The law has clearly been influenced by tear-jerking, well-meaning, bleeding-heart - but dangerous - liberal ideas. Luckily for them, Ravi and his 'accomplice' Molly Wei don't fit the knuckledragger stereotype.

Wei was pressurized into giving evidence against him, but Ravi is standing firm. Refusing to accept a plea bargain admitting a criminal offence, he is pleading not guilty.


Stay strong, Dharun!

* One might answer that if the encounter had been heterosexual, Clementi wouldn't have jumped off the George Washington Bridge. But that was his decision, not Ravi's fault. He didn't have to commit suicide - he wasn't being subject to persecution - it's not as if Rutgers University is a hornet's nest of homophobia. That may sound insensitive, but look where sensitivity gets us - trying to destroy the life of someone for a student prank. The law should treat everyone the same, not give special rights to the hypersensitive.

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