Is claiming that "anti-racist a code word for anti-white" an example of "hate"? by Jay Knott (09/14/13)       ⇌ (Anti-anti-fascism)       

This is about a banner attached to a bridge in Oregon saying "anti-racist is a code word for anti-white". This is an opinion about a political movement. It's not hate. But notice the reaction it has provoked. The only 'hate' has come from the 'anti-hate' people, some of whom argue for shutting down the freedom of speech of people expressing the opinion that anti-racism is anti-white, and others say they should have their heads kicked in:

Whatever you might think of the banner, it has been quite successful, provoking the "anti-hate" brigade to show their colors:


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A classic communist contribution to the debate about the banner (09/15/13) by Jay Knott: This is how a traditional communist sees things: "The ruling class seeks to divide us Last week, racist elements hung a banner on the pedestrian-bike footbridge over Interstate 5. The banner said and the words were...