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More about the mysterious banner over I-5 in Eugene by Jay Knott (11/10/13)       ⇌ (Anti-anti-fascism)       

The local TV station is encouraging people to "report" what they consider to be "hate speech". Reporting speech is a novelty in a country with a constitution which specifically guarantees freedom of speech. Has Oregon seceded from the USA? Notice that they amalgamate hate speech with hate "activity". "Hate activity" is itself an amalgam - it dishonestly blurs the distinction between free speech and crime.

"Hate activity and hate speech can be reported to the Eugene Equity and Human Rights Center at (541) 682-5177 or email ehrcenter@ci.eugene.or.us"


The concept "hate speech" is based on circular reasoning. Even questioning the concept is considered hate. A holocaust denial meeting is considered a "hate incident". But so is a meeting for freedom of speech, addressed by someone who was imprisoned for alleged holocaust denial. "Hate speech" is a concept beyond discussion. It is inherently totalitarian. Behind it is the urge to police people's thoughts, hateful or otherwise.

"Wave of hate incidents... holocaust denier David Irving at Pacifica Forum" - http://www.againsthate.pdx.edu/


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