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Gilad Atzmon versus the fake anti-Zionists by Jay Knott (05/05/11)       ⇌ (Ethnic Studies)       

Gilad Atzmon is the Israeli writer who blew the complacent Jewish-dominated left apart with his withering critique of how Jewish ethnic interests are covertly defended within Palestine solidarity groups. He's on his way to Oakland, California, after a successful debate in London, which Zionists and so-called 'Jews Against Zionism' tried to prevent:


Here's why they want to silence him, from 'Jews Against Zionism':

"The definition of an anti-Zionist is not that you don't believe the Israeli State shouldn't exist. By that definition some quite shady characters including the thicker neo-Nazi would be included. Anti-Zionism means opposing the idea that Zionism is any form of solution to the Jewish Question. Further it is opposition to Zionism as a form of settler-colonialism..."

Look carefully, and you can see what Atzmon has deconstructed. It says opposition to Israel as such is anti-Semitism. And you are only an opponent of Zionism if you want to help Jews solve their problems, and you must think Zionism is a form of 'colonialism', of European supremacy, not Jewish supremacy.

An interesting discussion about Atzmon: http://mondoweiss.net/2011/04/where-does-israel-end-and-the-diaspora-begin-or-zionism-end-and-judaism-begin.html

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