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Israel finds another friend on the left by Jay Knott (10/01/11)       ⇌ (Ethnic Studies)       


This post originally began "Britain's Socialist Workers Party doesn't actually support Israel".

That's a snidy remark, conveying a false impression.

Just 'coz they do it, doesn't mean I should.

What I should have said is this:


Britain's Socialist Workers Party is a firm opponent of Israel. Though I disagree with its analysis (it thinks Israel is a tool of US imperialism) it has a good traditional leftist line on the question. But its adherence to anti-fascism, which as I have argued, gives special privileges to Jews, makes it easy prey for Zionist manipulators.

Recently, one of its leading members, our good friend Richard Seymour, editor of Lenin's Tomb, has joined the Zionist campaign against Gilad Atzmon's new book:


I couldn't ask for a clearer confirmation of my hypothesis about the consanguinity of Zionism and anti-fascism:

The Mass Psychology of Anti-Fascism

The left's and the media's obsession with 'fascists', 'Nazis' and 'white supremacists' seems irrational. After all, they barely exist. 'White supremacists' always turn out to be 'white separatists', which, though mistaken IMHO, are not the same thing at all. I argue that the constant harping-on about this non-existent menace has the effect of psychologically promoting philo-Semitism, special rights for Jews, which logically enough leads to support for Israel and vicious attacks on its opponents. The latest 'Atzmon wars' involving The Atlantic, The Guardian, Lenin's Tomb and Counterpunch, with only the latter taking Atzmon's side, adds to my evidence.




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