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The 'Atzmon wars' by Jay Knott (10/11/11)       ⇌ (Ethnic Studies)       

Gilad Atzmon's new book, 'The Wandering Who?', has generated tremendous criticism, 
especially from people who haven't read it

The best starting point for following the storm, which has guaranteed massive
sales for the book, is at Atzmon's site:







"I also asked myself, why did I label [Kevin] MacDonald as a White Supremacist without really elaborating on the topic or explaining myself?  My answer is slightly embarrassing.  For quite a while, I’ve seen the ‘White Supremacist’ tag attached to MacDonald and to so many other people, and at some point I must have let my guard down and allowed this highly charged terminology to infiltrate my vocabulary... It’s now clear to me why Jewish ethnic leaders toss around the ‘White Supremacist’ label. It is there to divert attention from the true depth of their own Jewish Supremacism..."

This reiterates my own discovery of some years ago, that talk of 'white supremacists' is almost exclusively a Zionist discourse, which the anti-racist left has mindlessly accepted.


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