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Fake opposition to the Israel Lobby from the left by Jay Knott (04/25/11)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)       

A conference which claims to challenge the Israel Lobby:

"Helen Thomas was invited to speak, as a journalist who is fearless about questioning power and unnecessary wars, but because some of her comments have sparked controversy, several members of the coalition and our grassroots community had concerns about her appearance."


Helen Thomas, who embarrassed president Obama by asking him if he knew of any countries in the Middle East which have nuclear weapons, who was thrown out of the press corps for saying, correctly, that Israel has Jews-only roads, has now been forced out of a conference to counter the powerful American-Israel Public Affairs Committee.

According to the Jewish leftist hacks who are organizing this conference in DC, 'several members of the coalition' 'had concerns' that 'some of her comments have sparked controversy'. This is Zio-lefty doublespeak for 'Zionists within the left want to ensure that this conference is ineffective at challenging Jewish racism'.

Why do so many genuine critics of Zionism, like If Americans Knew, 'endorse' this shit?

PS. April 28 - the page referenced above has been disappeared, but the Google cache survives:



According to Reverend Ted Pike, there is an anti-AIPAC conference in New York too, and Helen Thomas will be at the head of it:


Left-wing activists who sympathise with the Palestinians are averse to Pike, though he supports the Palestinians, because of his views on 'Sodomites', 'baby-killers' and 'Babylon the great'. Hey, it takes all sorts...

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