Does AIPAC distort 'Jewish values'? by Jay Knott (05/25/11)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)       

AIPAC supporters have attacked Alison Weir and Rae Abileah during the conference in DC. Meanwhile, here's a flavor of the opposition: "Judaism teaches me to stand up when I see oppression— discrimination is not a Jewish value and does not make Israel safer". How many Palestinian activists have the courage to question that statement?

“Growing up as the son of Holocaust survivor"... "“As a Jewish man, I come from a people who have been scattered about the world without losing their identity"... etc.. The left makes a big deal about 'Jews against Zionism'.

The message of the moderate, Jewish left is "Jews shouldn't be racist". But this moralistic whining mostly falls on deaf ears. Might it not be more effective to say "only Jews have an interest in a Jewish racist state", and try to turn everyone else - 97% of the population - against it?

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