White guilt in Dylan country by Jay Knott (02/18/12)       ⇌ (Anti-anti-fascism)       

There's a campaign in Duluth, Minnesota, telling the local people they are all racist and have white privilege.

Rural Minnesota is very white. Germans, Norwegians and Swedes invaded the area for centuries, attracted by the weather. The radio program 'A Prairie Home Companion' conveys the culture of this area - liberal, tolerant, Protestant, self-critical. The best joke on this program was about the 'Swedish flu epidemic'. It not only makes you feel bad, it makes you think it's your fault. The anti-racist campaign is an attempt to take advantage of this guilty Protestant culture. Apart from being a pack of lies aimed at the least racist people who have ever lived, isn't there the danger that it could eventually become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

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