Answers to questions left for Valdas and Pacifica Forum following his presentation on February 5, 2010

Valdas's talk on February 5 was so long, there was no time for questions, so Pacifica Forum's dedicated team of volunteers enabled audience members to leave questions in a box for answering later. Here are the questions, and the answers:

  1. Nazi White Supremacy off my campus!

    A: That's not a question

  2. Hello! My name is XXX YYYY. I am interested in learning more. Could you send me a copy of your speech? My e-mail is Thanks! -- XXX

    A: Sure - here's a PDF file of the speech: click here

  3. Your opinions on communism and neo communism is your right under the 1st amendment of the constitution if I do understand and appreciate your motivation to expose your own "orating" of hierarchy. However, this university is an institution of higher education and hosting these Forums and debates that instill feelings of fear and hate on students, is not to the benefit or safety of students in this campus or the future of this world. Please describe to me how providing a platform for speech that would frame the world in such a divisive nature would benefit students or this university? Historically valid academic discussion should always be encouraged in a free world. Why have past Pacifica Forum debates permitted hate filled "divesivety" to corrupt the social significance of these events and eras? Our campus should promote equality, and the dynamic nature of humanity. Thank you for considering these statements.

    A: I wonder if you are as fearful of academic speech in a safe campus environment, as you are of your own government fanning hysterical fear of communism, socialism, Iran, North Korea, terrorism, and in the process, squandering American blood and treasure, taking away your constitutional rights in the name of safety and security, and resulting in neither.

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