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The long reach of the $PLC by Jay Knott (03/04/11)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)       

Journalists in other countries as well as the USA rely on the Southern Poverty Law Center for information about 'hate groups'. According to the $PLC, there is always a 'staggering rise' hate groups. This scaremongering has the purpose of inducing fear of questioning the influence of Zionism in American society. This is a summary from the Daily Mail in London:


 According to The Southern Poverty Law Centre in 2010 there were 1002 'hate' groups active in the U.S.

This is a staggering rise from the estimated 602 such groups in 2000.

The two most notorious groups are:

  • Ku Klux Klan

Klan groups in the U.S. increased significantly in 2008, from 155 chapters to 186. It is broken down into smaller sub units, with the Brotherhood of Klans Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (BOK) one of the fastest growing, with 17 new chapters added in 2008.

  • Neo-Nazis

Fanatics who broadly follow the example set by Adolf Hitler's Nazi party. There are around 300 different groups including the two largest groups - American National Socialist Workers Party and the National Socialist Movement.

Other white supremacist groups include: the Hammerskin Nation Volksfront, Blood & Honour American Division, Atlantic City Skins and the American Front, as well as violent biker gangs.


"On its website the American Front describes itself as 'a collective of highly motivated racialists of European descent, striving to establish an autonomous homeland for American whites, dedicated to securing, advancing, and defending the sacred blood of our glorious ancestors at all costs.'"

Personally, I have no sympathy for this idea. But what's interesting for me is that when Jews do this, its considered just fine and dandy, and they get paid to do it by everyone else in America, but when white people copy the Zionist program to the letter, they are excoriated as 'hate groups'. I find this a tad inconsistent, that's all.


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An inadequate critique of the $PLC (04/03/11) by Jay Knott: