An inadequate critique of the $PLC by Jay Knott (04/03/11)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)

Various Christian and conservative groups have started an online petition against the Southern Poverty Law Center's campaing of slander against them.The very name of their website gives away their inadequacy. After decades of lies from the 'anti-hate' movement, after Ruby Ridge and the ADL spying case, they ask the enemies of freedom to 'start debating, stop hating'.

They label the $PLC 'far left', but this misses the point. The $PLC uses the rhetoric of Saint MLK, not Malcolm X. It uses moderate left language to disguise its real nature - a Zionist hate group.

A better critique is to be found here:

I dont agree with the politics of any of the organisations I just mentioned, but regard the SPLC as overwhelmingly the most inimical to my interests and those of most people in this country.

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