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The far right has something useful to say about Zionism by Jay Knott (02/25/10)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)       

Here is a savage deconstruction of the hypocrisy of Zionism by a conservative academic:


The Jewish organization Hillel has been instrumental in inciting hordes of guilty white liberal students against Pacifica Forum at the University of Oregon. Hillel makes no secret of its support for AIPAC, an organization which encourages American support for Jewish racial supremacy in Palestine. It shows overtly racist movies like 'The Case for Israel'. It welcomes the overty racist organization Chabad. It helps the 'Birthright Israel' project, which tries to persuade young American Jews that their homeland is a country their ancestors left millennia ago. Hillel oozes chutzpah - vigorous opposition to all racial identity except its own. And so many people, especially on the left, fall for it. Leftism as currently constituted is unable to effectively oppose Zionism. That is why we need to look further afield. This does not mean I endorse most of the ideas in the site linked to above. But it exposes Zionism better than the left has done.

The Eugene Register-Guard published this critique of Pacifica Forum by the director of Hillel: http://www.registerguard.com/csp/cms/sites/web/opinion/24493119-47/forum-pacifica-community-hate-speech.csp which confirms everything I said above.


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