Is right-wing sympathy for Rachel Corrie genuine, and does it matter? by Jay Knott (03/14/10)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)       


People who oppose Zionism from the left and disagree (sometimes violently) with my position, have a hard time explaining why the right would be sympathetic to activists like Rachel Corrie, who was killed by Jews while attempting to defend Palestinians.

For example, left-wing Jewish anti-Zionist academic Michael Neumann warns against the danger of old-fashioned anti-Semites infiltrating our ranks. I answered him in this post: He is at least open to argument.

His view is that one should see whether people became interested in helping the Palestinians before they started opposing Jewish ethnic interests in general. I'm kosher, according to Neumann, because my politics followed that sequence. But people who claim Jewish power in the USA goes against white interests - well, even if they do support the Palestinians, that's not good enough. I totally disagree, and would advise Palestinians to select supporters in the USA and other Western countries using only one criterion - efficacy.


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