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The 9/11 conspiracy nuts who think they know better than Julian Assange by Jay Knott (08/19/12)       ⇌ (War crimes)       


"There is unity in the oppression. There must be absolute unity and determination in the response." - Julian Assange, statement from Ecuadorian embassy - http://tinyurl.com/9flffux


Julian Assange needs support. Anyone opposed to American Middle East policy should support him and Wikileaks' brave efforts in exposing government lies about Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.


Fortunately, he has many supporters. Unfortunately, some of the people who should support him don't understand the need for 'unity in response'. They believe the theory that Mossad was behind September 11th.. So what? you may ask. Well, Assange doesn't believe it. And some of those who do believe it are so convinced, that they think anyone who doesn't believe it is a Zionist agent!


Assange is aware of 'leading edge' anti-Zionist ideas, such as those of Gilad Atzmon, and has cooperated extensively with Israel Shamir. Contrary to what some of its critics allege, Wikileaks has published material detrimental to Israeli interests - see this from the Guardian for example - http://tinyurl.com/5v9885e. But it doesn't concentrate on Israel.

So some of the 9/11 truthers say he's 'controlled opposition'. Like the paranoia promoted by the communist parties under Josef Stalin, this undermines solidarity.

However, according to the lawyer for the two Swedish feminazis who are trying to frame him on behalf of the CIA:

"He doesn't risk being handed over to the United States for torture or the death penalty."


So that's alright then. No worries, mate!


More on Assange and 9/11 conspiracy nuts:




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