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It's Official - Tail Wags Dog by Jay Knott (01/15/09)       ⇌ (Hannukah Massacre)       



The Prime Minister of Israel brags about how he ordered President Bush out of a meeting, and told him to abstain from a UN resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. It's official. Well, it's not quite official, but the White House strenuously denies that Israel dictates the USA's foreign policy. A denial from the White House is pretty much an affirmation. More and more of us, from all shades of the political spectrum, are seeing that one of the main problems in the world today is Israel's power in the USA and other Western countries:


Much of the reaction among Westerners concerned about the massacre in the Gaza Strip which began during the festival of Hannukah 2008 is an attempt to lump together the behavior of the Jewish state with 'oppression', 'colonialism' and so on. Here is a good example, from a British left-wing blogger:


"this war is not between Muslims and Jews, it is between the oppressed and the oppressor"

Great efforts are made to try to separate Israel from the Jews.

Here is another example, from some American leftists:

'In many ways, the genocidal siege of Gaza that many of us have been demonstrating against in recent weeks is a harbinger of the widening war against the workers and oppressed peoples of the planet that is sure to intensify this year.'

Nice try.

Here is another hack, putting forward the usual argument against the Israel Lobby theory - that it contains the danger of encouraging... you guessed it, anti-Semitism:


Some even claim that Israel is an example of white supremacy. If intellectual gymnastics was an Olympic sport, these 'Jews Against Zionism' would deserve gold medals. In fact, white supremacists are against Israel.

Israel is unique. The genocidal siege of Gaza is not a harbiinger of a widening war against the workers and oppressed peoples. It is a harbinger of genocide against one oppressed people in particular. It is between Muslims and Jews, just a bit. It is a massacre of Palestinians, carried out by Israeli Jews, with the support of the organized communities of Jews throughout the world.

Most of the Israeli Jewish population supports the massacre in Gaza.

That is, most of the Israeli Jewish population supports killing  babies.

Most of the American Jewish community also supports killing babies.

If I wrote 'most of the American Jewish community supports liberal causes such as raising the minimum wage', nobody would bat an eyelid. Everyone knows the phrase 'Jewish community' is simplistic. People don't just belong to ethnic communities, they belong to classes, genders, and stamp-collecting societies too. But within that framework, it is acceptable to make broad generalizations about what ethnic groups do. Unless you are saying something negative about the Jewish community. We have a deep-rooted fear of criticizing Jews. This manifests itself in a form of racism - pro-Jewish racism.

I repeat: 'most of the American Jewish community supports killing babies'.

We are so afraid of being anti-Semitic, we cannot call a spade a spade. Let the Hannukah massacre, which has plumbed new depths of barbarism (even the Nazis respected the Red Cross), have one positive result - we must lose our fear.


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