I was too critical of Mondoweiss... by Jay Knott (06/17/11)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)       

...they have allowed most of my comments. In fact, the only ones they have deleted were probably no good anyway. I just posted this comment on http://londonbds.org/2011/06/16/its-no-walk-in-the-park-for-benny-morris-in-london :

"Benny Morris should be allowed to defend his views. So should David Irving. Traditional left-wing anti-racism was effective defeating apartheid in Africa, but has proven useless in the struggle against apartheid in Palestine. Political correctness was not designed to undermine Jewish power."

Let's see if the limey lefties let it linger. Benny Morris was one of the Israeli historians who exposed the state's founding myths. However, in the end, he decided he had to support Jewish supremacy. Nevertheless, his research is solid, his arguments are interesting, and his freedom should be supported.

PS. They did let it linger. The British sense of humour survives.

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