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Zionists continue to sabotage boycott initiatives in West Coast co-ops by Jay Knott (03/26/11)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)       


The aim of Zionists within the American progressive left is to snuff out the fledgling movement to institute a boycott of the apartheid state of Israel. They were happy enough with a boycott of South Africa, but now its Jewish equivalent is being outed as much the same thing, they try to undermine those who want to implement the boycott. Co-ops and campuses were in the vanguard of the original anti-apartheid movement, and they would be in this one if it weren't for Jewish power.

Sometimes this power exercises itself as a rich Jewish lawyer suing a college for trying to institute a boycott.


Sometimes it takes the form of rich Jewish parents saying they will stop funding the school.

In the co-op movement, it takes the form of 'anti-fascist' harassment of pro-boycott individuals - anonymous online threats, phone calls to employers and landlords, graffiti, etc.. Zionists posing as 'politically correct' liberals talk of how they need a 'safe space' to protect them against

'institutionalized racism sexism homophobia able-ism class-ism patriarchy heterosexism and white male nationalist conditioning'

This is an actual quote. Don't laugh. The kind of naive young do-gooders who work in co-ops take this kind of thing seriously. It has the advantage that its impossible to prove or disprove.

As a result, the number one co-op organizer in Portland, Oregon, has had to attend numerous meetings at which he has been accused of anti-semitism and holocaust denial, and told he should resign from his leading position in the co-op movement in order to 'unlearn oppression'.


The grocery co-op in Olympia, Washington, took the lead in boycotting the products of Jewish supremacy.This caused a storm of protest from Jews who are liberal on every other issue.


In Sacramento, California, Zionists are changing the rules of the Natural Foods Co-op so that the members will be unable to pursue 'BDS' - boycott, sanctions and divestment - against apartheid Israel.


This may all sound like a storm in a teacup. What does it matter to Israel, recipient of eight million dollars a day from the US for nothing, if a few food stores stop buying its nuts and dates? It's a psychological thing. It effectively implies that Jewish racism is the most important kind today - after all, as Zionists complain, no-one is proposing a boycott of any other Western country. It turns the tables, 'calling out' Jewish supremacy instead of inventing white European racism. It's a progressive movement which is of no use to Jewish supremacy.

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