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Reply to a Facebook Anti-Pacifica Student by Jay Knott (03/14/10)       ⇌ (The Mass Psychology Pamphlet)       

There is no point in replying on the Facebook anti-Pacifica page, because it will get deleted by The Valley Girl Whose Name We Must Not Mention Because She Feels Threatened.

One of her fellow People Against the Pacifica Forum suggests leafleting Pacifica meetings:

'How about creating pamphlets like "You Are Being Used: How You are Enslaved by Your Own Bigotry", and passing them out to attendees at Pacifica? Lay out the dynamics of how ruling classes play off those of the oppressed classes against each other and what the ruling classes get away with while we engage in our pissing matches. Folks might round-file them the first few times, but with a sufficiently compelling title, we can plant sees of the concept in their subconscious and let it work. Eventually, some will dare to open and read.'


Doesn't the author realize how patronizing that sounds? Telling people their ideas are 'bigotry' and that they 'are being used' is no way to persuade anyone. I'm aware of the argument that 'racism' is used by the 'ruling classes' to turn the 'oppressed' against each other. In fact, I took it for granted for most of my life. Then I realized it's far too simplistic. Even Karl Marx couldn't come up with a logically coherent, scientific version of this idea: I doubt if Facebook students can do better!

I suggest the author of this piece shows up at Pacifica meetings and discusses his ideas with its attendants without assuming they are 'enslaved by bigotry'.

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