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Another holocaust treated differently from 'the' Holocaust by Jay Knott (03/05/10)       ⇌ (War crimes)       

Recently, the left/Islamist prime minister of Turkey walked out of a meeting with Israel's Prime Minister, calling him a war criminal, and quoting Gilad Atzmon, who enjoyed fifteen minutes of fame.

For decades, the two countries had an arrangement whereby Israel's supporters in the USA pressurized the government not to describe Turkish atrocities against Armenians in 1915 as 'genocide', so as to bolster the uniqueness of the Jewish holocaust. Turkey and Israel were staunch allies. Recently, the US Congress has voted that the Armenian genocide was indeed genocide, despite pleas from the White House. Why the US government thinks it should give history lessons is another issue.

Look at this studiously neutral BBC piece on the issue. Notice how it presents the Turkish government's position, which reads just like the views of Nazi Holocaust revisionists. Imagine the outcry if the BBC treated German war crimes as even-handedly. 'Many historians believe the killings amount to genocide' implies that some historians don't - this is true of all alleged genocides, but there is one about which you are literally not allowed to say it. I could be arrested in Germany for writing in English on an American website.


It's nothing to do with facts, it's to do with the power of ethnic lobbies. There is nothing positive about the Armenian lobby trying to emulate its big brother - even if every word of their allegations is true, it won't bring back the dead, nor prevent future holocausts. Obsession with the fate of the Jews under Hitler didn't prevent the killing fields of Cambodia, Rwanda and elsewhere - the slogan 'Never Again!' did not effectively mean what it said - it advanced Jewish power by means of white guilt.

Whereas in Germany it is illegal to minimize the Nazi holocaust, in Australia it is not illegal to minimize the Aboriginal holocaust, and in Turkey it is illegal to say the Armenian holocaust happened. Although I believe all these horrific events happened, a) one should always be allowed to research and 'revise' them, and b) it is healthier not to dwell on them too much.

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