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More lies from Wikipedia: the discovery of the structure of DNA by Jay Knott (12/23/10)       ⇌ (Darwinism)       

However, Watson and Crick took the majority of their information from a little known scientist named Rosalind Franklin, without her knowledge. She discovered the exact structure of DNA before either of the two, however she died before the public could find out about her. Watson never and to this day, has not given her credit for the discovery.


Lies on Wikipedia about Pacifica Forum and climate change are one thing. But this is a slander directed against two of the greatest scientists of all time - Francis Crick and James Watson. And you can bet the  hacks who wrote this have an iron grip on the Wikipedia editorial process.

I devised the 'Watson test' in 2007, when James Watson, the greatest living biologist, the greatest biologist of all time bar Darwin and Mendel, had a tour of the UK canceled and was fired from his post in the USA because he said there MIGHT be a correlation between race and intelligence. Guess how the press reported this cautious speculation. This is nothing new. As the article from Wikipedia makes clear, Watson has always been pestered by swarms of intellectual insects. Watson's very existence refutes the notion that we are born equal.

The Watson test is to ask whether you think Watson's treatment was justified. Whether a mob of lying journalists, black activists, feminists, democrats, socialists and tarantulas in general, seething with resentment at someone so obviously superior to them all, should be allowed to persecute the man who discovered the secret of life. I don't think so. Even if he DID say he thinks black people are less intelligent - which he didn't - there wouldn't be the SLIGHTEST reason to give him the sack. Most people I know disagree with me. They 'fail' the Watson test.

To me, this is a sign of the decay of the highest values Western civilization has produced - freedom of expression and tenure for independent researchers. This has been replaced by groupthink - global warming being a glaring example of the corruption of science by the green and pink rabble - 'that dreary tribe of high-minded women and sandal-wearers and bearded fruit-juice drinkers who come flocking towards the smell of "progress" like bluebottles to a dead cat' (Orwell). Well-intentioned activists who think they are undermining the worst aspects of civilization - racism, imperialism, whatever - have thrown out the baby with the bathwater. That's how Watson got the boot, how the Duke lacrosse team got framed, why universities 'celebrate' every kind of 'diversity' except diversity of thought.

There's a bit of Nietzsche in my analysis of the Watson affair, but mostly, its just defence of the idea that you cannot fire people because you think their positions are politically incorrect. Or even factually incorrect. Or meaningless - it is possible that Watson's comment about race and intelligence is nonsense, because although race IS a meaningful concept, I doubt there is such a thing as 'general' intelligence. But that's not the point. The point is to defend freedom of inquiry, because that's how we know about the world. Hypothesis - refutation - better hypothesis - fearless individualism - nullius in verba.

There is no middle ground between the way of enlightenment and the darkness of political correctness. There is no difference in principle between the left's victory over Watson in the USA and its promotion of Lysenko in the USSR. We all know about the corruption of science under the Nazis, but few people know that a Soviet scientist was rewarded for saying champions of Mendel's genetics were "reactionary and decadent enemies of the Soviet people". A leading climate 'scientist' has called for skeptics about global warming to be imprisoned for 'high crimes against humanity'. 'Sandal-wearers' like Greenpeace can turn into commissars, demanding the violent suppression of dissidents, at the drop of a hat.

Science is not here to make us feel good - James Watson


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