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I am very proud of the Pacifica Forum for refusing to be silenced by thruthescrim (02/28/10)       ⇌ (VALDAS ANELAUSKAS )       

The leadership of Pacifica Forum has shown an awesom sommittment to free speech.

I came upon VALDAS ANELAUSKAS recently on google video where there is a lecture about the Frankfurt School. It impressed me so much I started to try to find more lectures or interviews.I see he has written a book, but I could find no interviews of him discussing his book, or anything else.

PF provides an enviable opportunity for it's students and community that I wish I had here in San Francisco.to listen to VALDAS ANELAUSKAS.

The problem, or one of the problems, that so often allows for squelching of free speechwith screams of horror when certain historical topics are raised is that we in America have been consistently misinformed or not informed about matters pertaining to Jewish power. and of course much else. I was truely astounded at what I discovered when I recently delved into the history of the Bolshevik Revolution and the USSR. I had never heard or read any thing which suggested or mentioned the predominant role of ethnic Jews in the Revolution and the creation and running of the USSR.Nor the direct financial backing from International Bankers [see Professor Anthony Sutton] Nor had I heard of the appalling and cruel starvation murder of 7 million Christain Ukrainian peasants in the early 1930's. Never a word. Then I delved into the Holocaust denier issues and was again amazed  to find that there was virtually no physical evidence for the mass gassings of Jews-something I have heard about daily for most of my life!! [I recommend the video documentary viewable on google video or at a web site with the same name: One Third Of The Holocaust]

Is it anti-Semitic to find these suppressed historical things? Is it forbidden in America to mention them?

There are organized  forces that try to destroy anyone who raises these matters of historical fact that may reflect negatively on the historical exercise of Jewish power especially if that person has a voice that can be heard as a teacher or writer. They try to destroy the character and especially the livlihood of such truth tellers; they being "The Jewish Onslaught" which is the title of the book Professor Tony Martin wrote about his personal experience. He was a professor near 20 years in the Black Studies program at Wellesley College in MA  [I would suggest seeing the video on google: Professor Tony Martin on the Judaic Role in the African Slave Trade]

I want to know more of what VALDAS ANELAUSKAS has to say. He illuminates the far side of the scrim.  I sorely wish Pacific Forum could video tape his lectures and put them on the internet. And I applaud the leader of PF for seeing his way so clearly in the matter of  preserving free speech and free HEARING as well; it is a service of priceless value in our land


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