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Holocaust Denial in Australia by Jay Knott (02/28/10)       ⇌ (VALDAS ANELAUSKAS )       

Fredrick Töben denies, or underestimates, the Nazi Holocaust


Keith Windschuttle denies, or underestimates, the genocide of the Tasmanian Aborigines


Only Töben has served time in an Australian prison for his views

There are two reasons for this

One is the attitude of Australia to World War II; Allied war crimes are minimised compared to Axis ones

The other is the traditional attitude that Aborigines are not as important as white people

However, both of these chauvinistic attitudes are unnecessary for Australian identity today

If Australia can apologise to the original inhabitants of the continent, it can 'revise' World War II history

In fact, one Australian commander was big enough to refuse to participate in the post-war war crimes trials because his own men had committed war crimes as well as the Japanese

It is not that Australia officially sees white people as better than aborigines

The different treatment of deniers of different holocausts is a form of racial discrimination, not just against Aboriginal Australians, but in favor of European Jews

I regard Windschuttle as more of a scholar than Töben

However, that's not the point - Töben wasn't prosecuted because of lack of scholarship

Both should be able to defend their views without protest or prosecution


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