Hate crimes, fake and real by Jay Knott (04/01/10)       ⇌ (Hannukah Massacre)       

The 'Jewish Review' of March 15, 2010 has a story about a swastika found painted inside the campus of Portland's prestigious Reed College. The article does not even consider that it might be a fake hate crime, painted by an anti-fascist or a Jewish or black activist to stir up guilt. Most swastikas fit into that category - America's universities are not teeming with Nazis. In fact, come to think of it, it is debatable if even a real swastika painted by a real Nazi is a hate crime in US law. I don't think painting a hammer and sickle is a hate crime, though it symbolizes as much death and oppression as the Nazi logo. Anyway, inside the 'Jewish Review' is a story entitled "Soldiers support IDF's conduct" describing two Israeli soldiers, hosted by the Jewish Federation, defending the murder of Palestinian civilians during last year's Gaza attack, and any criticism of that crime as 'anti-Semitism'. One might expect a blatantly racist newspaper like the 'Jewish Review' to take such a selective approach to hate crimes, exaggerating a fake one and covering up for real ones, but why the rest of the US media?

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