Lesbians and gays - don't allow yourselves to be used by politicians! by Jay Knott (04/18/10)       ⇌ (Hannukah Massacre)       


What is it about this story that annoys me so much? The knee-jerk answer of the people who write this vacuous garbage is that I suffer from homophobia. In fact, I do not. There is something about the weasel words used to attack freedom of speech which annoys me. A communist diatribe against 'bourgeois freedom' is more honest. The article makes some valid points. For thousands of years, in most societies, being gay or lesbian was unacceptable, even in the advanced West. As a result, members of sexual minorities found they had to keep silent about harassment and violence. But this point is quickly swamped by political opportunism. The notorious 'swastika' in the gay & lesbian center, which was blamed by politicians on the Pacifica Forum, is mentioned. Nothing definite is said, and the article's 'silence' on the obvious question of whether it was a fake hate crime designed to stir up support for the suppression of freedom of speech is avoided.

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