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Gilad Atzmon gradually moves towards a critique of anti-fascism by Jay Knott (11/28/11)       ⇌ (Gilad)       

"Hope not Hate is presented as a British anti racist/anti Fascist organisation  but in fact it is an offshoot of the notoriously Zionist Searchlight magazine" -- http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/gilad-atzmon-hope-not-hate.html

It's much easier in the USA. There, anti-fascists make no bones about being allied to Jewish racists. In Britain, they are a bit more subtle. But when they tried to get Atzmon barred from a jazz festival, they overstepped the mark.

The main problem with this article by Atzmon is the word 'but'. 'Hope not Hate' is anti-fascist. And it's Zionist. There is no contradiction, as I pointed out three years ago in 'The Mass Psychology of Anti-Fascism':


Atzmon doesn't quite get it.

The far right in Britain was run by a pair of Nazi sympathizers after World War II. They didn't get anywhere. The left screamed 'Nazi' at them, and it was highly effective at neutralizing them. So they gradually changed their message. For a racialist, the best way to prove you are not anti-Semitic is to support Israel. Today's far-right groups, the BNP and the EDL, are even more uncritical supporters of Jewish supremacy than the major parties. Thanks to the Anti-Nazi League!


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Here's something else I wrote about the EDL (12/03/11) by Jay Knott: