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English Defence League attacks Palestine Solidarity Campaign... by Jay Knott (07/10/10)       ⇌ (Irony)       

...obviously, that is because the English Defence League are 'fascists', right?


According to this article, the reason the 'fascist' English Defence League got into a scuffle with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Birmingham, England, is because they 'recognise that Israel and Nazi Germany have a lot in common'.

No, that's not the reason at all. The English Defence League is pro-semitic, and has a Jewish section. As a result of its break with tradition, its support for Jewish racial supremacy, it is the most pro-Israel of all British parties. The author of this blog, an exceptionally stupid crypto-Zionist lefty wanker, even by the standards of the Brighton ghetto where he lives, has to twist and turn like a twisty-turny thing to make out that the EDL supports Israel because the EDL is anti-semitic. This idea might give a lefty a warm fuzzy feeling, but it just isn't true.

More seriously, this nonsense tends to hold us back. Traditional leftism overcame white racism, but is completely inadequate at combating - in fact, is complicit in - Jewish racism. All talk of 'fascism', 'Holocaust deniers', 'left anti-semitism', etc., is incompatible with helping the Palestinians. Tony Greenstein's blog demonstrates this better than anything I could say:

"It is time for the left to wake up and ensure that the fascists – be they draped in the flag of St. George or the pirates flag of Israel are defeated".

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