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Defend Carlos Montes - Los Angeles Feb 8 by Jay Knott (02/07/12)       ⇌ (Police brutality)       

Carlos Montes is a community activist who is being charged with 'firearms violations'.

If you are in LA on Feb 8, here are the details of Montes' appearance:

8am: Criminal Courts Bldg.

211 West Temple St.

LA, CA corner with Broadway

Dept. 123 on the 13th floor.

His defenders draw analogies to others who got harrassed by the cops. The Randy Weaver case is in a way closer to Montes. Weaver's wife and son were murdered by the FBI in Idaho in 1992. He too was wanted for so-called firearms violations, but really because of his politics. He refused to become a snitch against the Aryan Nations. This is probably why left wing activists don't remember Weaver.


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