Author of Islamophobic movie jailed by Jay Knott (11/07/12)       ⇌ (Islamophobia/Islamophilia)       

The writer of a notorious Islamophobic movie, which provoked riots around the world and the death of an American ambassador in Libya has been jailed. The authorities say it's nothing to do with the movie, but it looks suspicious. The FBI only looked into his parole conditions after politicians condemned the movie. It's a terrible movie, Islamophobia sucks, but this is probably a violation of the guy's freedom:


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Further evidence that placating the 'anti-racist' thought pigs only encourages them (12/11/12) by Jay Knott:

The UK thought police have no sense of humor - Hammers to be banned for 'anti-semitism' (11/26/12) by Jay Knott:

A setback for multiculturalism in Britain (11/25/12) by Jay Knott: I'm not sure what I think of 'multiculturalism'. I don't like the pc thought police who try to enforce it, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. Anyway, the

Another woman jailed in London for racist language on public transport (11/21/12) by Jay Knott:

English Defence League leader in jail (11/08/12) by Jay Knott: I despise the EDL and its Islamophobic message. But... unlike the myopic useful idiots of the left, I believe in defending everyone's freedom of opinion against state repression: