Further evidence that placating the 'anti-racist' thought pigs only encourages them by Jay Knott (12/11/12)       ⇌ (Islamophobia/Islamophilia)       


The head of Kick It Out, the organization responsible for dealing with racism in football, is whining that racism is on the increase. They always say that, regardless of the facts. Their jobs depend on white guilt and black paranoia.

The Guardian says of players, "they were alleged, then proven by independent FA commissions, to have racially abused opponents".

But that's not true. FA commissions don't 'prove' anything - in civil law, it's the balance of evidence, it's 50/50. John Terry was acquitted by a criminal court.

Once again: Western liberal democracies are, as far as we know, the least racist societies which have ever existed.


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