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Are Zionists corrupted by the influence of white racists? by Jay Knott (05/11/11)       ⇌ (Anti-anti-fascism)       

A common theme in the left is shock and horror at how Zionists associate with 'fascists'.

- Lenni Brenner's 'Zionism in the age of the dictators' complains of how Zionist leaders co-operated with the Nazis, but not the other way round

- Israel is still criticized for its support for apartheid South Africa, but not the other way round

- Zionists are criticized for associating with white extremist groups, but not the other way round

Here is an example of the latter, from Mondoweiss:


To be fair, the author of this piece does say "it’s not surprising that an organization that is dedicated to promoting a system of racism and oppression by military force would by necessity be a haven of reactionary individuals and groups". He half-realises the absurdity of complaining about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee hosting the English Defence League. It is not more reprehensible to advocate kicking Muslims out of Britain than to actually eject them from Palestine, where they lived for hundreds of years.

To criticize Jewish racists for associating with their European counterparts, but not vice-versa, implies that Jewish racism is not as bad as white racism, in other words, that Jews are better than white people. We need to free outselves from this prejudice. As long as it exists, it will be difficult for the majority of the inhabitants of Western Europe, Australasia and North America to break from the habit of supporting Zionism. Leftism, as it currently stands, is an obstacle to this awakening. Palestine solidarity means rejecting traditional left-wing anti-racism.


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