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Another unconscious parody of anti-racism from the Guardian by Jay Knott (10/22/13)       ⇌ (Fake claims of racism)       

A family of gypsies in Greece has been accused of kidnapping a young girl. Though it it true that assuming this is true is a knee-jerk anti-gypsy response, there is also a knee-jerk liberal response. This article in the Guardian has it all:


The article isn't about trying to evaluate the truth of the mysterious appearance of a blonde girl in a gypsy camp. It's about making political capital out of the widespread belief that European society is historically and uniquely racist.

I was once banned from commenting on a leftist site because of something I said about gypsies - or rather, about particular acts of particular gypsies - namely, trashing nice bits of countryside. This was because the owner of the site is an ultra-p.c. hypersensitive lefty. But the journalist who wrote "An angel kidnapped by Gypsies? In the absence of all the facts, age-old libels are being replayed." in the Guardian leaves Lenin's Tomb far behind in the more-pc-than-thou competition.

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