Anti-racism is killing football, by Duleep Allirajah by Jay Knott (10/26/13)       ⇌ (Fake claims of racism)

"It was the Macpherson Report which defined a racial incident as ‘any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person’. In other words, racism is entirely a subjective matter. If someone is offended by words or gestures – and it need not be the ‘victim’ – it constitutes racism. The Macpherson definition of racism enables third parties to take offence on behalf of victims. This is litigious manna from heaven to offence-seeking parasites like the Society of Black Lawyers."

I couldn't have put it better myself.

I met Duleep during the Iraq war of 1990/91. He was what is euphemistically called an "anti-imperialist" and belonged to a small left-wing group arguing for support for Saddam Hussein's regime.

All is forgiven.


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