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UofO students and community members against the Pacifica Forum by Argo (01/18/10)       ⇌ (A message from D)       

I just read this comment directly off of Pacifica's website: "By this time, Facebook had been employed to spread disinformation about the Forum, and hundreds turned out to protest. As the main speaker, Billy Rojas, persevered, more and more demonstrators realized that they had not been told the truth."

Apparently the Forum is desperately trying to tell themselves that we aren't serious about our protesting. That we are a misinformed bunch of juveniles who don't know truth from fiction. They think we went to their meeting and somehow "saw the light" and suddenly realized how awesomely inclusive and nice they are. I think the sieg heils and yelling of "white power" from Forum members was enough to further prove to ourselves that we are right--we know exactly what type of group this is, hiding behind a mask of "free speech." I vote we show them just how serious we are by getting even more people to show up to the next protest.


Since its MLK Day tomorrow, i thought I'd post this article that was written about a Pacifica Forum meeting in which Jimmy Marr called Martin Luther King Jr. a "moral leper and communist dupe."


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