Union vs. workers at BMW plant in Oxford, UK by Jay Knott (02/27/09)       ⇌ (The Crisis)       


Tbe author criticizes the union bureacracy for conspiring secretly with management to agree 850 job losses and hiding these plans from the workers. He quotes an orthodox trade unionist hack explaining how the union had no choice but to do this, given the current economic situation, and saying that some criticisms of the Unite union 'verge on being anti-union'. The author of this post on Indymedia goes further than 'verging' on this position:

"The fact that BMW management felt comfortable to leave Unite to break the news indicates that management had complete confidence in the union to act as industrial policeman."

He points out that the trade union view defends the needs of the market against the needs of the workers. There is no 'objective situation' - just the opposed interests of two classes. All I can add is to point out that unions have engaged in similar manouvers against the workers they claim to represent since they were founded!


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