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The UN Conference Against Racism - A White-Zionist Alliance? by Jay Knott (05/03/09)       ⇌ (UN Anti-Racism Conference)       

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The website http://jewssansfrontieres.blogspot.com is a useful source of information on Zionism. I expected it to produce a clear analysis of the recent United Nations Conference Against Racism, which several countries withdrew from because they said it would descend into 'Israel-bashing'. Since the state of Israel is clearly racist, it is difficult to see how a conference against racism can avoid bashing it. The countries which withdrew, boycotted a speech by the Iranian President, or never showed up in the first place, consist of Israel and several Western countries, including the USA, Britain, Holland and Australia.

According to the analysis in 'Jews Sans Frontieres', the reason these Western countries showed solidarity with Israel, is because of white racism:


'Since Herzl's famous "rampart of Europe against Asia, an outpost of civilization as opposed to barbarism," Zionist organizations know who their natural allies are.' - 'the genocidal settler colonial states (the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand)'.

It's not surprising these Western countries should have supported Israel in diverting the conference from criticizing her racist policies against the Palestinians, says Gabriel, the author of the piece - they are racist too!

But, in spite of their undeniably racist history, these 'genocidal' states have some record of opposition to racism in the last few decades. The towering example, but not the only one, is their boycott of their sister state, South Africa, which was one of the main reasons apartheid fell. When African dictators like Haile Selassie made speeches calling for the apartheid state to be 'utterly destroyed', diplomats from Britain and the USA listened politely and applauded. Yet when the president of Iran made a speech denouncing Israel as racist, the Western governments and the media ignored the truth of this allegation, focusing on the fact that he has in the past called for the Israeli regime to be... utterly destroyed!

The Western countries do not in fact uncritically support racism. They would not disrupt the conference against racism, UNLESS, as they made perfectly clear, it condemns JEWISH racism.

Gabriel claims the 'clowns' who disrupted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech were 'white', and that this is significant. But isn't it possible that they are Jewish, too? And isn't it possible that this, too, is significant?

The Western countries and their European populations are not 'natural' allies of Israel at all. If they followed their own interests, they would certainly downgrade their support for the Jewish state. A white European has no reason to support Jews against Iranians. But his government, and the media, tell him he should. A more accurate, and more effective, way of turning Europeans and Americans against Zionism would be to point out their lack of interest in funding it, rather than tell them they do it because they are racist.

But Gabriel and his fellow 'Jews Against Zionism' try to eat their cake and have it too, by fusing Jewish supremacy with white supremacy. They say to Jews "don't support Zionism - it's linked to white supremacy!". But most Jews know better. They support Israel because Israel defends their interests. Jews blackmail others into supporting their racism, using white guilt and the daily media barrage of Holocaust history to which we are exposed. This is why the US and the European countries backed Israel and undermined the conference against racism. When the German chancellor visited Israel, she said Germans have to support Israel because of the Holocaust, and she meant it. She isn't a closet white supremacist, supporting Israel because she thinks Jews are whitey's natural allies. On the contrary. White guilt won't defeat Zionism, and I wonder if Gabriel and his comrades really believe it will.

PS. My post at Jews Sans Frontieres is still deleted, but they have explained why they deleted it - a perfect illustration of how political correctness undermines criticism of Jewish racism:

I don't know who deleted your comment, but I sure don't have a problem with that and will continue to delete your white supremacist cant. The post you "criticized" has links and quotes to African American activists, who, unlike you, understand that there's more to the world's problems than Jews. It was published in Pambazuka, a Pan African liberation website, that, again unlike you, understand that Durban was not primarily about Israel. I am sorry that it hurts so much, but you are white. Glad that you found a way to avoid taking responsibility for white domination by blaming "the Jews".

The answer to that last sentence is so obvious I won't insult the reader by writing it...





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