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The SPLC's dishonesty about fake hate crimes by Jay Knott (12/26/12)       ⇌ (Exaggeration of Hate Crimes)       

Hate crimes happen. Fake hate crimes happen. The quantitative ratio between them is unknown. But some people make a living talking about the danger of real hate crimes:


For the $PLC, "of course" it's not true that "most" hate crimes are bogus. "Of course" there is a need for laws explicitly prohibiting hate crimes. 

In general, conservatives are more honest. Michelle Malkin is quick to admit when knuckleheads commit bogus hate crimes, and she is careful not to guess what the ratio is between the no. of fake, and the no. of real, hate crimes:


There are exceptions. Daniel Pipes is a conservative, but he is also a Zionist. So his take on fake hate crimes is to concentrate on the exposure of non-crimes against Muslims, and ignore hate crime hoaxes perpetrated by Jews:


Despite his claims about it, the Council on American-Islamic Relations is honest about the number of hate crimes against Muslims. It reported a decline to 116 in 2008:


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The SPLC is cited uncritically by the Journal for Hate Studies, while actual research is rejected (01/22/13) by Jay Knott: Academics continue to cite the claims of the Southern Poverty Law Center without checking their veracity: "As reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the number of hate groups in the United States has continually...