The Southern Poverty Law Center - why is it still taken seriously? by Jay Knott (03/04/10)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)       

The SPLC is "a respected advocate of tolerance, equal treatment, and civil rights" according to Oregon University academic senate

But the $PLC's claims of hate crimes and racism are obviously greatly exaggerated

It says Pacifica Forum is a 'hate group'

Look around this site - see if you can find the hate

It says 'we see a mainstreaming of white nationalism that we haven’t seen previously'

It said the same thing in the nineties - it hadn't seen it previously then either

The $PLC claims to be against racial supremacy but is allied to Zionism

It is allied to the Anti Defamation League which specializes in defaming people

It spreads hatred of the white working class while claiming to be against hate

It is very rich despite the 'Poverty' in its title

It is against the 1st and 2nd Amendments of the Constitution, despite being a 'Law Center'

More details from victims of $PLC lies can be found on this website:


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A critique of the SPLC from Salem, Oregon (05/01/10) by Jay Knott:

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Yet another Indymedia article critical of the $PLC! (04/25/10) by Jay Knott:

This one is better. The other one has lasted six weeks so far.

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Quick - read it before it disappears -