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The picture that fooled the world? by Jay Knott (12/04/11)       ⇌ (War crimes)       

This notorious picture, which the Guardian entitles 'emaciated Bosnian Muslim prisoners', looks like a bunch of hungry people in a Serb concentration camp, but according to the magazine Living Marxism, it shows people waiting outside a camp, one of whom is sick, rather than starving. The British TV company ITN, defending the first of the two viewpoints, sued the Marxist magazine for libel and won. I don't know the truth - I wasn't there. However, I do know the Western media was heavily biased against the Serbs, making them out to be almost exclusively the perpetrators of war crimes, when there were in fact many such crimes on all sides. Living Marxism magazine was also biased, since it regarded the Serbian government as 'anti-imperialist'.


For a better Marxist analysis of what happened in Yugoslavia, which rejects taking sides in that horrific war, read this:

Yugoslavia: From Wage Cuts to War

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